Welcome to ‘Sweetened with Ash Lemonade: Podcast’

Premiering on July 10, 2020, Sweetened is a weekly podcast of carefree black girl conversations intersects entertainment, culture, spirituality, adulthood in your 30s, humor, and much more.

Hosted by Ashley (known online as Ash Lemonade), an entertainment journalist from Michigan and an eclectic soulful nerd full of pop culture references. She’s also the creator of AshLemonade.com and have written for Essence, Vibe, The Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, and Black Girl Nerds just to name a few.

‘Sweetened’ welcomes a series of special guests to talk about any and everything that’s inspired by the world around her and the hilarious mess of Black Twitter. Whether it be debunking the “strong black woman” narrative in conjunction with mental health, why “Waiting To Exhale” is the greatest movie soundtrack, or causing chaos by proclaiming that her black card is still intact though she isn’t a fan of “Love & Basketball.”